How We Work

It’s no secret that the best source of competitive advantage in the business world is talented people. Yet people are multi-faceted with different strengths, personalities, goals, communication styles, motivators, experience and needs. Companies are the same. It is not always easy to fit the two together to make a successful relationship. Our consistent and proven process of active search can locate and attract the best and the brightest talent who fit your needs. Simple, yet effective, here’s how it works:

1) We LISTEN carefully to you to gain a thorough understanding of your goals, challenges, company culture, team and requirements.

2) We don’t just sit back and wait for candidates to apply. We ACTIVELY SEARCH for the best ones out there — “passive” candidates who are successfully performing and reaching their goals similar to the parameters of our tailored search.

3) We meet face-to-face (when possible) with candidates and/or perform thorough phone interviews to assess their background to see what they have to offer beyond what is written in their resume.

4) We actively coordinate interviews between the candidate and client. Throughout the interview and selection process, we strive to consistently deliver by listening to your feedback and taking action accordingly. Once the successful candidate is selected, we are prepared to assist, as required, in the negotiation process and in establishing the terms of employment.

5) Once a placement has been made, we try to ensure that both client and the new hire are satisfied and successful. We stay in touch with both parties after the placement  to make sure that the fit is good and remains successful.

We have been extremely successful with our search process, and have received very positive feedback from our clients and candidates who were pleased with our professional services. Most importantly, throughout the whole process, we strive for excellence in terms of listening to you and building trust within the partnership to deliver.