Are you in transition?  Were you recently laid off, downsized, restructured out of a position?  Did the company you worked for get sold, go out of business, lose a customer or did you just lose your job?

Do you find yourself looking at job openings online, desperately wondering how to get an interview for a position that is 3 levels below where you were? Were you a VP, and are now applying for Manager positions, just so that you can find something, anything, to keep you busy, get you back in working mode, so that you can earn an income again?  Are you just trying to get your foot in the door hoping something great will happen if you can just get an interview?

Are you getting worried and frustrated with what is out there?  Have you worked for the past 20 years and are now for the first time in a place with no good job prospects, no interviews, no solid network to lean on?  Are you worried about running out of savings, hope, confidence?  Do you hate when people ask you what you do for a living?

Have you applied for every job opening you find only to never hear back, get rejected or worse, go in for an interview, and find that you are 25 years older than the hiring manager, the salary is 40% lower than what you used to make, and that the company’s HR person is almost apologetic for inviting you in to interview?

Are you getting to the point where you no longer feel like looking for work, are getting depressed, feel hopeless and useless and old?  Do you feel like you might never find a job again?

If you said yes to any of the above, you are not alone.  There are tons of people in your situation all over the country.  There is also tons of hiring happening now, and many businesses are growing.  The unemployment rate is down to levels unseen in many years, but you’re still not getting hired!  

So, where is the disconnect?  What’s going on here?  What are you not doing that maybe you should be doing? Why do you feel like a stranger in a strange land?  In the old days when an opportunity came up, you went for it, got it and succeeded.  Now, sometimes it feels like you couldn’t get hired even if you were the last applicant on earth!

The good news is that it’s not you.  It may be hard for you to believe, but it’s really not you, and not your fault.  The world has changed, the paradigms have shifted and the way we work is different now.  Getting a job is only one way to get work done.  In fact, getting a job for some people may be the worst way to getting things done!  Chasing after job leads online, especially for positions that you are way over qualified or unqualified for just lead you to the pain of rejection, being ignored and unwanted.

You don’t want to feel that way, and you shouldn’t.  There is an old New Yorker cartoon of a blind man selling pencils in an alley completely oblivious to the huge crowds of pedestrian traffic in the street right next to him.  Don’t let yourself be that blind man!

There are lots of great and real opportunities out there.  Tons of ways for you to give massive value and get compensated for it.  You can probably make more than you ever have, will have people clamoring to hire you and can pick and choose where you work and for how much.

Doesn’t that sound better?  Doesn’t that sound like a more fun way to live your life?

All of these changes have happened primarily because of technology, outsourcing, politics, Fed monetary policy, and a host of other external reasons.  Companies can run much leaner now.  Robots are building cars, there are people in emerging countries that are willing to work for pennies on the dollar, we are manufacturing overseas, there are new laws that have raised minimum wages, require medical coverage for everyone, and banks have stopped lending the way they used to.

Put all of this together, and you can see that things are changing.  Many newer companies only have 6 employees and they outsource everything else.  They keep lean payrolls, they don’t even hold inventory, and they use apps to manage their businesses.  The older, “legacy” companies are still downsizing.  They are still trying to figure out how to grow and remain profitable with all of that overhead, and compete against the lean mean startup machine.

Add to that, the fact that the consumer is not really buying stuff.  With high gas prices, high food prices, a sense of unease with the crazy volatility in the stock market, 2008 is still fresh in people’s minds.  People are scared, and cautious and only buy what they need.

Some companies are experiencing explosive growth and others are still struggling.  There is still a lot of uncertainty in the world.

I have witnessed similar scenarios in 1989, 1995, 2001, 2008, and up to today.  This is not new.  It’s just part of the huge transition our economy has been going through over the past 20 or so years.

A little about me now.  I have been a recruiter for over 16 years and practiced law for 9 years before that.  I have been fired, downsized, reorged and have quit many jobs over my career.  There were periods in my life where I was out of work for an extended amount of time.  I know how you feel.  I have worked with literally thousands of people in your situation over the years, especially since the world stopped in 2008.  

The New Way

There is another way.  The New Way!  With my help, you are going to transform yourself from an average job applicant to a super busy outsourced service provider.  You will change the way you look for work, the way you look at yourself and the way you think about how you provide value.

This is where I come in.  I show you how to do it.  I teach you how to reach the right people in each organization, how to build a network that will help you meet the right people who need you, how to provide massive value where you can almost name your price and terms, AND I teach you how to price your services so that you never leave money on the table.

If you follow my lead, you can become a well oiled consulting machine, with multiple clients, earning probably more than you ever have, not working as hard as you did, and maybe for the first time in many years, truly enjoying yourself and loving what you do.

My methods have worked for many others for a long time.  I can help you and teach you how to adapt to this new paradigm.

Here’s what you get:

Initial intake discussion with me for about an hour.  We discuss your background, education, career path, the jobs you’ve had, review your resume, and go over your current network.  We then put together an action plan that you can implement immediately and we measure your results on an ongoing basis (for monthly subscribers) so that we can analyze and adjust where necessary.  If you decide that you want to still look for a traditional job, I will help you with resume prep, LinkedIn Profile review and prep as well as other job hunting strategies for an additional fee.

Monthly subscribers will have a monthly call with me where we go over where you are.  You will also be part of a monthly conference call with a local group of your peers, in different skill sets and industries so that you can work together and help each other with leads, advice and ideas, without worrying about competing for the same business/projects.  I will moderate that call and will help all of you work toward your goals.  You are also free to work together outside of the call and can collaborate on ideas that will help you provide even more value to your new clients!

Pricing: Initial Intake is $450.  Subscription for ongoing coaching and access to the networking conference call is $99/month.  Resume prep is $150 and LinkedIn profile prep is $250.


You are free to cancel at anytime you feel that you are not getting value.

I look forward to working with you!